Mrs. Claytors 
Three-Year-Old Curriculum
Getting to know the classroom
 Family & Friends
 All about Me
 Body Parts


 Autumn/Fall -Letter A: Color Red: Shape Circle
Apples-Letter B: Color Blue: Shape Square
 Seasons -Letter C: Color Green: Shape Triangle
 Halloween-Letter D: Color Orange: Shape Rectangle

Skeletons/ Healthy Habits-Letter E and X: Color Purple: Shape Dimond
Animal Hibernation/ Zoo-Letter F and Z: Color Yellow: Shape Star
Thanksgiving-Letter G: Color White: Shape Oval

Christmas Traditions 
Christmas Story

Winter-Letter H: Color Brown: Number 1
Martin Luther King -Letter I: Color Pink: Number 2
Transportation -Letter J: Color Grey: Number 3
Community Helpers-Letter K: Color Black: Number 4

Ground Hog Day/ Valentine’s Day-Letter L: Number 5
Mardi Gras-Letter M: Number 6
President’s Day-Letter N: Number 7
Under the Sea-Letter O: Number 8

Outer Space-Letter P: Number 9
St. Patty’s Day/Dinosaurs-Letter Q: Number 10
Reptiles-Letter R
Easter-Letter S 

Butterflies-Letter T
Environment/recycling-Letter U and Y
New life plants and Animals-Letter V
Weather –Letter W

Beach - Review all letters, colors, shapes and numbers
Field day/Summer

Preschool Progress Report
Social and Emotional Skills
Fine Motor Skills
Music Skills
Art Skills
Work Habits
Readiness Skills
Math Readiness Skills
Body Parts

Activities and projects and the literature presented are based on the themes and the skills reflected in the Preschool Progress Report.

The goal is to make learning FUN!