Mrs. Claytor's  Mini-Newsletters

October 2019
Dear Families,
October has been a fun filled, busy month! We have done many seasonal activities. We made a watercolor scarecrow with moveable parts, painted and glittered leaves. We painted with apples, balloons, and legos. We made foam pumpkins and finger painted pumpkins. We sang Five Little Monkeys to go with our art paper. We made paper plate dragons, clowns, and a scarecrow face. We made Dot the Fire Dog, cooked donuts, and made a ghost footprint for our (handprint) book.
We are tracing our names and I hope the children are using their stick/clothespins activity at home to practice. Our letter of the week is going well, we have done A-E so far. The children have done a great job with their art letter for their book. We will review colors and numbers starting next week. Our STEM activities have been well received. So far we have done exploding colors, sink or float and water displacement. I love their fascination and seeing them think what might happen.
I have been doing assessments and will be happy to conference with you. There will be a sign -up sheet in the hallway. Conferences are not mandatory but it is a good way to see your child’s progress to date.
We had a visit from Miss Sally, the bee lady. She showed us a real honeycomb, her attire she wears and let us taste some honey. We all enjoyed a wonderful, fun day at Family Affair pumpkin patch. We had a visit from Easton Volunteer Fire Department. The children were taught fire safety, got to see what the firefighters wear, and an up close look at a firetruck.
We continue with our weekly Chapel and Music. Miss Heather has started us on our Christmas songs; the children are quick learners and too adorable. In Spanish we have learned words for animals, colors, night and day. The children do a great job.
Thank you for all the Halloween party donations and a big thank you to Mrs. Dodd for planning it.
On a personal note it was brought to my attention that someone thought I may be sick because of my weight loss. I am in excellent health and have lost weight due to having my esophagus tightened into my stomach due to a floppy connection. I am just waiting for that nice slice of pizza!!
As always, any questions or concerns please let me or Mrs. C know.
Mary Claytor
Reminder: NO SCHOOL -November 6th & & 7th Waterfowl
   November 26th, 27th, 28th Thanksgiving

September 2019
Dear Families,
September has flown by. We are a busy little group, but we are having fun. The children have settled into a routine and I see friendships forming. 
We have covered families, friends, animal friends, body parts, senses and safety. During our ‘free play’ time we work on a craft to coincide with our theme. Besides playing with everything in the room, the children love painting at the easel and story time. 
Our circle time includes daily jobs. We pledge the flag, do the calendar, dress the weather frog and fill in our ‘feelings’ chart. I love that everyone brings their ‘happy’ every day.
In October, along with our new assistant, Mrs. C, we will start a letter, color, and shape of the week. We will compile an alphabet book with this activity that will go home in May. We will also have our first Spanish lesson. We have started our Chapel and Music classes. As we kick off our fall and Halloween season, keep an eye on the hallways where your little artists work will be displayed.  
The children love the snacks we have had. We have 12 little hungry ones and no allergies that I am aware of. 
I will be visiting Canada next Thursday through Tuesday. I hate being out, but this trip was planned a while ago. Mrs. Ewing will be filling in for me. 

Don’t forget our Pumpkin Patch trip Thursday, October 10th. The information and permission slip is attached to the weekly news recap. 

Thank you to Mrs. Dodd for agreeing to be our room mother.

As always, any questions or concerns please let me know.
Mary Claytor

Dates to remember: Thursday, Oct 10- Pumpkin Patch 9:30-11:00
  Saturday, Oct 26-Trunk Or Treat 2-3 PM
  Thursday, Oct 31-Halloween Party 11 AM