Mrs. Callahan's Mini-Newsletters

March 8, 2020
Good evening,

I hope everyone is enjoying the extra hour of day light.
Last week we had fun celebrating Dr. Seuss, modes of transportation and the letter T. We made Go Dog Go cars and used them to play a game of red light green light. We read Put Me In the Zoo and made pompom polka dotted dogs. You will find these adorable creatures brightening our hallway. We celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday with a tea party, complete with cupcakes pretty cups and tea pots full of apple juice. We had music class and sang some of our very favorite songs. We had Spanish class and learned Spanish words for our body parts. We had chapel where Miss Wendy taught us about Jesus and the big storm where Peter used his faith to walk on water. We made tee shirts, played with Lincoln logs, worked on being mindful of each other’s personal space and a few other surprises that you will find in our super busy hallway.

This week we will work on the letter U. We are going to make some unicorns, play an umbrella game, play an over under game,and talk about the good ‘ole USA. 

We have a special thank you to Harper’s mom for the dollar store gift card. It will come in handy for classroom odds and ends.

Some of the piggy banks that the Hickey family donated didn’t have bottoms. Mrs. Miller called Kilnborn and they have some they can sell for a nominal fee. 

Looking forward...

Swim class starts March 17. There will be classes March 17, 19, 24, 26,31 and April 2.

Picture day is March 25.

My girls will be joining us this week, here and there ,as they are on Spring Break. 

This month we will be making care packages for a local soldier who has been deported. There will be more info in the coming weeks.

We will have our Ester egg hunt on April 7. Each child will need to bring in 12 filled plastic eggs. Siblings are welcome but will need to also bring a dozen filled eggs. Our hunt will be at 10:30 on the play ground. 

spring break is April 8-14.

Family Fun Picnic is May 7th 5-7pm.

God bless

March 1, 2020
Good evening,

I hope everyone is enjoying the weekend. One fourth of you are out of town. I pray everyone is have a wonderful time enjoying some family time. You are all in our thoughts. 
I’m hoping everyone looks at all the pictures Mrs. Miller posts on the St. Mark’s Facebook page every week. She does such an awesome job of capturing all the highlights of our weeks (among countless other things). 
Last week was a busy one with letter “S”. We stamped some pictures and stacked Cheerios on spaghetti. We made some super cool snakes and used scissors to cut grass for them to slither through. We made rockets with the letters in our names and launched them into space. We concentrated on being mindful of each other’s personal space. We experimented with sound and found out that we can hear someone whispering from all the way across the room. 

This week we are moving on to the letter T. We will take a look at all kinds of transportation. Oh but first we will have some fun with Dr. Seuss’ birthday. We will have Spanish, music and chapel. Lots of surprises in store this week. Keep your eyes on our hallway👀.

Thank you for choosing St. Mark’s
God bless you all

February 23, 2020
It feels like Spring out there but I feel like we haven’t heard the last of Winter. I’m looking at the weather and they are calling for rain all week. Yikes! We will go outside between raindrops if we have to.
Speaking of rain, last week was a super fun one. We worked on the letter “R”. We read the story of Noah and the Ark. We talked about how the rains came and caused a great flood. We did a science experiment to see what will sink and what will float. Fortunately for Noah and all the animals the ark floated!
Last week was a short and busy one. We had music, Spanish, chapel, we had a fire alarm and a visit from the dental hygienist. Wow!
This week we are working on the letter”S”. We will do some skittle science, make name rockets to launch into space and marble some pretty cool snakes. We have chapel and music this week also. 
Mrs. Miller and I love what we do and couldn’t do it without all of you. 
Thank you so much for sharing your children with us.
God Bless

February 17, 2020
Well, hello everyone.
I hope everyone is enjoying the final hours of our long weekend. The weather was perfect today for some good outside time. I aired out my whole family and our house!

Last week was a busy one with my favorite letter “Q”. I brought in a few of my quilts and we were able to notice how there are several patches that make the whole. We made our very own quilted pages. I must say the kiddos really put some time into this project. We did some painting with q-tips and had some time to make some beautiful Valentines. I hope everyone received their wrapped masterpieces from their little cherubs. I also hope everyone saw the poster that Mrs. Miller put together for St. Mark’s Village. The Valentine exchange was organized chaos as usual. I hope everyone enjoyed their goodies. I know Mrs. Miller and I did! Thank you all so much for all the sweet and thoughtful Valentine treats.

 This week we are moving on to the letter “R”. We are going to talk about rain, rainbows and rockets. We have a cute craft, a process art project, a magnificent story and a couple science projects to fit in this week. Whew! We will have chapel, Spanish and music too. 

 We started to practice taking our shoes on and off. We are getting ready for swim class that starts March 17th. We will continue to practice this in the coming weeks.

A special thank you to Isabella’s grandma for sending in Smarties for our treat days!

Thank you everyone for sharing your children with us. 
See you tomorrow 

February 09, 2020
Good evening everyone,

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I certainly hope everyone is healthy. Whew! The Yuck has made its way through my house. Everyone is better now and I am excited to get back to school! 
Last week we worked on the letter P. We made some pop corn, tasted some pears, painted with pears, wrote our own poems, painted pirates , played with Mr. potato heads and puzzles. We had Spanish, chapel and music class. We worked hard on scissor skills. We finished the week with a pancake breakfast. Wow! What a week. 
Thank you to everyone who volunteered, donated or participated in the pancake breakfast fundraiser.

This week we are moving on to the letter Q. We plan to paint with Q-tips and make a process art quilting project. We also have some special Valentines to make for some super special people. 
Just a reminder...if your child would like to give out Valentines on Thursday, please make sure there is one for each child in our class. It makes it much easier for the children to “deliver” their Valentines if they are all the same and have no specific name. We will make our own bags( mail boxes) during table time this week. We will use some time this week to make some valentines for the Pines nursing home as well. 

Please don’t forget... there is no school Feb 17.

God Bless

January 20, 2020
Hello friends!

A little bird named Miss Millie told me that last week was a huge success! I can not wait to see all the beautiful art work. I heard the directional Martin Luther King page was amazing. I hope all your students told you all about why we celebrate MLK. Thank you to everyone who brought in eggs for us to examine.
First and most importantly ,we have a new student starting tomorrow! Her name is Olivia Dukes. I’m sure we will all help her and her family feel welcome and at home.
This week, we are talking about the letter, “N”. We are going to build some bird nests. Next (see what I did there) we will play some New games. It looks like we will be able to go outside later in the week. We will have Chapel, Spanish and music this week. 
swimming won’t start for another few weeks but we will start practicing taking our own shoes on and off. Our goal is to get to the Y and be able to leave with everything we showed up with. No small feat! No pun intended. 
Looking forward... please keep an eye out for pancake breakfast tickets. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year and it’s just around corner! I hope you will all participate at level which you are comfortable. 

Valentine’s Day is calm in Mrs. Callahan’s class. We will have a Valentine exchange. We will make our “mail boxes” in class. It works out best if your child has one Valentine per classmate. It is also very helpful if they are all the same. We will spend some time in the upcoming weeks making some special valentines for some folks that may get forgotten,otherwise.

Thank you all for sharing your children with us.
see you all tomorrow

January 12, 2020
Hello all!
Wow! It sure doesn’t feel like the middle of January. It looks like this weather might hold for a little while longer. 
We had a super fun week with the letter “L”. We laced, played with Lincoln logs, painted with legos, worked on recognizing our last names and tasted lemons and limes.
This week we will have even more fun with the letter “M”. Even though it’s going to be 60 plus degrees outside we are going to make some mittens and finish a snowman art project. We will talk about MLK. Which reminds me...if anyone has chickens and can donate a couple eggs we would be grateful. We are looking for an array of different colored eggs. 
We have a new student expected to visit tomorrow. I am sure we will welcome her with open arms and hearts.
Mrs. Miller and I will both be out on Tuesday. Mrs. Ewing and Miss Joan will be filling in. They have lots of fun things planned. I will be out the remainder of the week as well. It is a planned absence. I know Mrs. Miller has lots of super fun stuff on the agenda. I heard there may even be some M&Ms involved.

God Bless,
See you all in the morning

January 5, 2020
Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the last moments of the weekend. I’m in mourning over the Eagles loss tonight but I’m sure those little, happy smiles tomorrow will make it all better!
Last week was super short but it was nice to ease back into the swing of things.
Mrs. Miller and myself are looking forward to getting back to our routine.
We will spend time this week catching up on letters for our notebooks. 
Yay for the letter L. We will taste limes and lemons. Make art with Legos and possibly make some lava lamps!
Tomorrow we will have a new friend join our Monday Madness group. Joaquin is going to join us! Also, we have a guest coming to visit. His mom may decide to stay as well. I’m sure everyone will welcome them with open arms and open hearts.
I look forward to seeing those happy faces tomorrow! 

Peace and love,

November 17, 2019
Good evening everyone,
  I hope everyone is enjoying the last moments of the weekend. 
Last week was a busy one in Mrs. Callahan’s 3’s class!
We studied the letter G. Germs, Germs Germs. We met Sally Sneeze and she taught us how important it is to cough and sneeze into your “corner”. We experimented with glitter, pretending it was germs. We noticed how easily it was to transfer the glitter from our hands to Everything. We also experimented with pepper and soap. We noticed that pepper( germs) does not like soap. We made our own icky germs and they are hanging in the hallway...where they belong!
We talked about being thankful and what it means to give. I want to thank those of you who returned your boxes for Project Christmas Child. If you didn’t get a chance to fill them, you can drop your unused box in the church lobby so someone else can fill it.
We had chapel. Miss Wendy also taught us about being thankful and saying thank you. We had Spanish this week and learned all about colors. In music class we are still working on our songs for the Christmas Show.
This week we are full on Thanksgiving Feast! We will start our week with some Monday Madness Magic. This week we will make butter. The rest of the week is a surprise and Mrs. Miller and I can hardly wait!

***if you haven’t already, please replace your child’s extra clothes with season appropriate clothing.

***if we can, we will go outside. Please make sure your child has a weather appropriate outdoor garment. If your child will wear mittens feel free to leave them as well. Please no gloves unless they are able to put them on independently as we have 120 little anxious fingers to cover.

Thank you all for sharing your children with us. We are truly grateful.

November 10, 2019
Hello 3’s families,

I hope everyone has enjoyed the long weekend. I just cannot believe we only have 7 days to prepare for our Thanksgiving Feast!
Last week was so short that we used our time to finish up some projects and work on some Thanksgiving surprises. 
This week we will start our week being thankful for all the veterans and their families. We will talk about what a veteran is and why they are so important to our country. We will try to march in a parade...look out pastor Ed!
The rest of the week we will talk about germs. We will meet an old friend Sally Sneeze who will teach us how to sneeze in public properly. We will try a germy science experiment. We might even design our own germ and name it.
For the rest of the month, we will talk about what it means to be thankful and grateful as we prepare for our feast.
I am thankful for such wonderful class parents who have signed up to bring items for our feast. Wow! Mrs. Miller and I were amazed when we looked at the sign up sheet and almost every item was already covered! Thank you all so much!
For planning purposes... drop off will be normal time on feast day. The feast will begin at 11:00. We ask that all of the guests wait in hallway for their host to escort them to their seat. The event will last an hour, give or take. 
Again, thank you for sharing your children with us,
Just can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow!

November 3, 2019
Hello everyone!

I am finding it hard to believe it is November already. Wow! The next two months are going to be very busy in Mrs. Callahan’s class. We are going to be working on on our Thanksgiving Feast. We will also be practicing for our Christmas performance. On top of all that we will try to get through; G, H, I, J and K!

Last week we worked on recognizing the letter E and F. We finished off our Dinosaur week by making hatching Dino Eggs. We got super busy and excited with Halloween We read, Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler. A seasonal book about a skeleton who just can’t get rid of his hiccups. We talked a lot about how sometimes things look scary but really are not , like Slim our visiting skeleton. We did a fun process art project. We mixed red and yellow paint to color our pumpkins. Then as a directional, we added the faces to make our jack o lanterns. Super cute and spooky. 
Thank you to everyone, especially Miss Joan and Mrs. Miller who covered for me on Halloween. The pictures were adorable and my husband is fine. 
Last week in Spanish we learned about colors. I am happy to say that everyone participated. In chapel, Miss Wendy told us all about Project Christmas Child. We sent home information regarding this important mission. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Our hope is that every child can fill a shoe box for a less fortunate child. We filled some “mock” boxes during chapel. This was a very difficult concept for some of the children. We will continue to talk about this at school. If you have never been to the church service when the children offer the boxes and the congregation blesses then, I highly encourage you to attend. It is a beautiful way to start the giving season.

This is a very short week. I am so sorry for the confusion with the snack calendar! I accidentally have folks signed up for days that we are not in session. Wishful thinking, I guess! We do not have school Wednesday the 6th or Thursday the 7th. So with the short week, we will continue to work on E and F. We have a few projects to finish up too. We will make some elephant toothpaste tomorrow in our Magic Monday class. Please wear old clothes! Monday’s can get a little messy.


If you haven’t already, please replace extra clothes with season appropriate clothing. Even if your child hasn’t had an accident in a long time we need to have extra clothes. We have had “ accidents” with paint, slime, sand, yogurt, juice...

Also, please be mindful of the shoes they are wearing to school. They love to run and climb on the playground. If they don’t have safe and appropriate shoes they are not allowed to climb. 

We we will go out to the playground if we can. So please make sure you send in a jacket.

Finally, if you are signed up for snack and your child isn’t feeling well PLEASE do not give snack a second thought. You have more to do than worry about snack. If can, just shoot me text so I know. Then just take care of your baby!! If you can, bring in something to replace our cache. 

We love spending time with your children and look forward to the new week even if it’s a short one.


October 27, 2019
Good evening 3’s families,

It was so great to see everyone yesterday at trunk or treating! I hope everyone had a fun time and thank you for participating.

Last week was so much fun. It was all about Dinosaurs and the letter D. We danced to Laura Berkner’s Dino. March. So fun to see the kiddos show us their moves. I can tell some of you parents have passed on some interesting moves!
Our Monday madness class painted backgrounds for our dinosaur silhouettes. These are hanging in the hallway.
Tuesday we broke out the drums. We marched and danced with our drums. I can’t help but think there may be a rock star amongst us. We talked about Dino’s and learned some fun facts. 
Wednesday we had our second fire drill. I am happy to say it was a big success. We all got out of the building safely and quickly. We talked about the difference between a dinosaur and a monster. How dinosaurs we real and monsters are made up. We read the book, Go Away Big Green Monster. We put together our very own shape monster by following directions. These are awesome! They are also hanging in the hallway.
We finished out the week by tracing the letter D with dinosaur tracks.
Also this week we had chapel and Music. We are also working on putting on ur own jackets. The kids seem really excited about doing this on their own. 

This coming week we will compare E and F. We will also compare squares and rectangles. There will be some pumpkin art happening as well as pumpkin science. We will have a visit from the Fire dept. They will bring a truck for us to check out!
This week is also Halloween. I can’t stress enough, this a low keyed event in our classroom. Kiddos can come in costume. Dismissal will be 12:00 as usual. I need to be out that day(my husband is having a routine but necessary procedure). Mrs. Miller and Miss Joan will have the day covered. 

Last week we worked on assessments. There will be a sign up sheet outside the classroom for parent/ teacher conferences. Please do not feel obligated to attend. I promise this will not be on their permanent record. However, if you are interested there will be slots available starting this week. If you just can’t make it during the time slots please let me know and we will work something out. 

 I hope everyone received their invitations for the Thanksgiving feast. Thank you for the RSVP s I have already received. We have already started to prepare for the big day!

Thank you all for sharing your children with us at St, Mark’s.
Cant wait to see everyone tomorrow!

October 20, 2019
Hi all!

Oh my goodness, what a rainy day! I sure hope everyone had a relaxing wet day.

What a week we had with your three year olds! 

Monday we had lots of extra helping hands. My three girls( Gracie, Eryn and Mary) and their friend Jillian had the day off school so they came to play with all of us. We learned how to move liquid with pipettes. We caused lots and lots of mini explosions by mixing vinegar and baking soda. It was a big mess but oh so fun! The girls made some cookies to share to celebrate the letter C. We husked some corn and played some games.

Tuesday we painted the letter C using cars. We had chapel with Miss Wendy. W read The Lonely Scarecrow. We had a few’s a really sad story with a super happy ending. Mrs. Miller and I broke out the corn shakers to enjoy a little impromptu dance party. I’m sorry if you witnessed this via FB.

Wednesday we continued to put our scarecrows together. I am hoping they will adorn the hallway by this Tuesday. We had Spanish with Miss Anne. We are working on learning our colors in Spanish. 

Thursday we had music with Miss Heather. We sang and danced to some of our favorites. Believe it or not we started to practice for our Christmas play. We all made ears of corn using our finger prints. You can find these hanging in the hallway. We finished our card to farmer PT who was kind enough to donate the corn to our class. We talked about all the things that corn is in, we tasted crackers, popcorn and even some candy.
Hold on to your hats... this week is Dinosaur week! What else could we possibly do for the letter D? I can hardly wait. I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight. We are going to do all things dinosaurish. I heard there may have been a Dino in our room! He left a couple foot prints and they are really big! We will see how many of us can fit on one print. We have a a special Dino art project in the works. We will see if we can trace the letter D with Dino feet. So exciting! 
On the business side of things, we will be practice putting on our own jackets. Mrs. Miller and I need all the practice we can get :) 
We will be having a fire drill on Wednesday. I will reiterate to the kiddos that this is just practice. There is nothing to be afraid of, Just a loud noise.

Trunk or treating will be Saturday October 26 2-3. I hope to see everyone there. 
Thursday Oct 31, Halloween. I have had a few of you ask about the “party”. All the kiddos. can come to school dressed in their costumes. We will have a non messy table activity followed by our circle time. At 9:30 ish we will parade through the church in costume. Pastor Ed and the office staff will have treats for everyone. We will provide bags for everyone. After our parade we will come back to our classroom. We will help the children change out of their costumes. If your child’s costume has many props, labeling them would be helpful. Then business as usual. We have a birthday in our class that day so the party will be special napkins and a special snack. Mrs. Miller and myself try to keep the day low keyed. We know the day will be full of excitement after school hours. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. 
I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow,

October 14, 2019
Hello all!

Happy Sunday everyone! I’m hoping everyone is enjoying a little, much needed rain.

We had a very busy and productive week.

Our Monday Madness class was off the charts FUN! We started our B week with dancing with bumble bees. We couldn’t find our bumble bee song so we improvised with the Monster Mash. Turns out Mrs. Miller is a very good dancer and I think the kiddos were a little surprised maybe even scared to see our “moves”. We blew bubbles and took a spooky walk. We talked about bats and how some of them hibernate.

Tuesday we started our bat resist project. Super fun! We used a fly shatters to paint spooky spider webs. We started with very colorful bats and when we lifted them there was a black bat left. They turned out spooky and awesome. We had chapel with pastor Ed. He showed us all around the sanctuary and picked out lots of items that start with the B sound.

Wednesday we got to paint Bs with black and blue paint using a balloon. What??? It was a black and blue mess but oh so fun. 

Thursday was our field trip to the pumpkin patch. Thank you to everyone for coming. The weather was perfect. Kiddos all looked like they had a great time. A very special thank you to Joaquin’s parents (Caesar andGrace) for the goodie treat/snack bags for everyone.

This week in 3’s...

We are already to the letter C! This week we will concentrate on all things corn. Farmer PT gave us some Corn to play with. We will make him a thank youCard. We will try our dance moves out with Corn shakers. We have a Cute Corn Craft to make. We will paint with cars. We will have Spanish, Music and Chapel this week too.

We will have four very special visitors tomorrow. My girls are all off school tomorrow so they will all join us. They are very excited to meet your children! They have lots planned.

I can’t wait to see everyone tomorrow.

Thank you for sharing your children with us,


October 7, 2019
Hello families,

I hope everyone has has enjoyed the weekend. 

We had a busy week. I hope everyone saw Mrs. Miller’s post on our St.Mark’s FB page. It recapped our week in photos.

Our Monday madness group got to taste 3 different colors of apples. We charted our findings. We were surprised when yellow apples got the most votes. We used the “secret “ garden to say a prayer and enjoy the quiet. We got a spontaneous little lesson on playing the big church organ. Whew!

Tuesday we had a visit from the “bee” lady (Sally Smith). She showed us how she cares for her bees. She even brought some real bees for us to look at. We got to taste her yummy honey too. We made applesauce and everyone got to add an ingredient. We had chapel with Miss Wendy.

Wednesday we had our first Spanish class of the year. We leaned how to say good morning and good night. Miss Ann taught us a few catchy songs. In fact ,”Buenos Dias” has been ringing in my ears all weekend. We started our apple tree projects. We “planted” an apple seed on our paper. We were surprised when we came in the next day and found trees had grown. We got to try our homemade applesauce. The class was pretty split on liking it. At least they tried it.

Thursday we has music with Miss Heather. We got to march in a line and sing lots of songs. We continued working on our apple tree projects. We had a tough time cleaning up this week. Unfortunately, we only get treats on Thursday if we clean up. It usually only takes one time. I am sure this week ,cleaning up will go much better.

This week is all about the letter B. We will finish our apple tree projects and start on our black bat resist pictures. We will have chapel with pastor Ed. Miss Wendy will be on vacation.

Please don’t forget our field trip this week on Thursday!

Thank you so much for the opportunity to spend time with your children,


September 29, 2019
Hello everyone!

I’m hoping everyone is enjoying this unseasonably warm weather. It will be “hoodie” weather before we know it. Which reminds me...our rule is, if your child comes to school in a jacket they must wear it to the playground. As the weather gets cooler, we will really take time and encourage the children to put on their own coats. We have a few tricks up our sleeves to help.

Our circle times are getting very full. We sit and chat for a few minutes, taking turns. We stand for the Pledge. We take turns being the meteorologist. We listen to a book or have a small lesson. Then we say a prayer. I dismiss the children one by one to avoid collisions and also so I can tell each of them something positive they did during our circle time.

We had a busy, busy week. Our Monday madness group got to play in shaving cream during tabletime. We looked in mirrors and talked about our feelings. We made happy faces, sad faces, scared faces, etc. We had planned to work on our stick people( you will meet them on Tuesday) but the children decided they wanted to color instead. So,we colored and chatted. 

Tuesday we played with potato heads. We did a fun directional craft making potato heads. They are hanging in the hallway. We got to go to chapel and meet Miss Wendy and her owl “Woodsey”. 

Wednesday we played with play doh. Miss Kelsey our substitute helped us make play doh snakes that were

fun to cut with special scissors. We listened to Todd Parr’s book on feelings and got to make our own faces. The children had lots of decisions to make. What color face and background, what color hair and accessories. Super fun to see all different combinations. Lots of the kids like yellow! You will find these in the hallway.

Thursday we read Todd Parr’s book, We are all Different. We each made “people” sticks. We picked out clothes and hair. The children’s names are on the back. Starting Tuesday we will have the children find their sticks and place them in their envelopes. Just another name recognition activity. We had a fire drill. Please reinforce to your children that there is nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a loud noise designed to get our attention so we know to get in line and move quickly and quietly. There will be more practice throughout the year.

 This week is all about the almighty letter A! We will have an Apple tasting. We will work on a process art project that will take us all week to finish! Wait till you see these masterpieces.

A few dates to know:

October 10 is our trip to the pumpkin patch. Permission slips went home Thursday.

October 31 will be our “Halloween Party”. Mrs. Miller and I try very hard to keep the celebrations at school simple. Children are encouraged to come to school in costume. We will parade around the church visiting the offices and other classrooms. We have a birthday celebration that day also. The rest of the day will go per routine. 

Our big big event of the year will be November 21. This will be our feast day. It will be a feast completely powered by the children. They will make everything from decorations to bread and everything in between. Each child can have only one guest due to space limitations. So start fighting your loved ones for the invite now!

I think that is all the news for now.

I look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and Tuesday!

God bless you all

September 22, 2019
Good evening everyone,

What a gorgeous weekend. This weather has been amazing! I hope everyone has taken full advantage.

This past week was a busy one. We practiced tearing paper towels. That may not seem like a big deal but believe me it is very liberating when everyone can find and tear their own paper towels. We practiced using glue stick and bottled glue. We started to learn and recite the pledge of allegiance. We marble rolled paint in red, white and blue to commemorate this occasion. You will find these hanging in our hallway. We read,What Color are Your Underwear by Sam Lloyd. We each decorated a pair of “underwear”. You will find these hanging from our clothes line in the hallway. So fun to see everyone’s personalities come out in their crafts. 

This week we plan to talk about ourselves and our feelings. We will read a couple books by Todd Parr. We plan to decorate name sticks. Which reminds me... if you haven’t already, we will need one picture of your student and one of the family. This makes it much easier for them to find their name. Not to mention they like to see you during the day even if it’s just a picture.

There were several folks who asked to be added to the email list. I’m hoping I’ve added all the requests. If not, please let me know.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow.

God bless

September 15, 2019
Hello families,

I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful weekend.

I also hope our little friends got some well deserved R&R. We had a few very tired kiddos on Thursday.

What a great first week! Everyone seems to be getting settled into a routine. We have had a few minor bathroom accidents which is to be expected. We remind everyone and set aside time every hour for our friends to use the bathroom. Some are a little shy and/or afraid to use our busy bathroom. Some are honestly just too busy. Whatever the reason, I promise it will get better. That being said, please make sure your child always has a set of extra clothing in their cubbies...You never know.

I hope by now you all saw the Facebook pictures of our first week’s shenanigans. Mrs. Miller does a phenomenal job of taking pictures throughout the week and year. She will post them usually on Thursdays or Fridays. She only posts them to our private St. Mark’s page. However, if you Do Not want your child’s picture to appear on FB...Please let us know.

Mrs. Miller is much better at matching children to parents than I am. However, in order to expedite pick up if you could just mention your child’s name that would really help. I promise we will get it straight very soon.

 Just a couple reminders...

* if your child needs sunscreen please apply before drop off. We are not permitted to so.

*we are still looking for a few pick up permission slips

* please no flip flops or sandals or crocs. We can’t let the children climb on the playground equipment if they don’t have on proper shoes (closed toes and heels)

*we try to have fun in our class and sometimes this means we make a mess. Sometimes a big mess! Please wear washable play clothes to school. Especially if you are in Monday Magic.

We have a date for you to add to your calendar. November 21 will be our Thanksgiving Feast. The children will prepare all the food, decorations and invitations. Due to lack of space, only one guest per child. 

Now on to the fun stuff...

Last week we worked on routine, routine, routine. By the end of the week the children were really getting it. As we get more comfortable, table time and circle time will get a little longer. For right now, we are just getting used to the room, the routine and our new friends.

We made hand prints to celebrate the first day. You will find these precious prints hanging in our hallway.

We worked on learning our snack blessing. I bet by the end of the month they will be saying it at home. 

We are working on pouring our own water from a glass pitcher. If we spill, we know where to find paper towels to clean it up ourselves.

So much to learn!!

This week will continue to establish our routine. God willing the bathroom issues will fall to wayside.

We will spend some time on how to take good care of our school supplies. We will practice snapping the markers closed and putting them away. We will also work on making smalls glue dots. We have a fun book and project about underwear of all things. By the end of the week you will see them in the hallway! 

Thank you you for allowing us to be part of your child’s day,

If you have any problems or concerns please feel free to reach out anytime.

God Bless you all.

Mrs. Callahan